• It has nice type safety.
  • It’s pretty similar to SQL.
  • It’s popular.
  • It has decent documentation.
  • It has good support by Lukas Eder — The guy is very responsive.
  • It’s still not SQL, and sometimes it wasn’t obvious how to translate queries. Especially if queries are more complex. See for example:
  • We are using the code-gen feature. We also use flyway and our setup is not ideal. We need flyway to update the schema (for example by commit) and only then we run the code gen to create another commit with the generated JOOQ classes. This is quite cumbersome. I guess it’s possible to automate it better than how we did it with some effort, but it’s not that obvious.
  • It’s less popular than JOOQ. For example we need JTS Geometry binding extension. JOOQ has extension for that but JDBI doesn’t.
  • The docs are not always that clear. It has good docs for the simple use cases, but some stuff is not obvious.
  • The API has 2 flavors: Fluent and Declarative. Some examples and code snippets are not for the kind we’re using. We started with the Fluent API as it is easier to migrate to it from JOOQ because it’s more similar. But many examples uses the Declarative style.
  • It’s open source, with open source kind of (best effort) support. Some questions on StackOverflow remains unanswered.

Final Thoughts

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