Volunteering in 2022

  • Continue maintaining jasync and kotlin-logging open source— not that I have many choices here… unless someone will assist in that.
  • New open source initiatives:
  1. kotlin-flogger — maybe I’ll write an extension to flogger. I noticed some hotspots on the java default implementation and I might want to tackle that.
  2. Anther scratch I might be itching is to implement a build tool. really. I am tired of gradle and maven and wish I could have something different. One thought I have is a tool that import sources only (like in go). I know that’s a big thing so probably eventually I will not do that on my own :-) maybe I will end up just blogging about it.
  • Help organizing a conference for Kotlin in google.
  • I saw that baeldung allows contributions. So I might start writing there.
  • Starting a podcast — but now the trend is actually twitter space.
  • The usual stuff: speaking at conferences / meetups & blog posting (here) & tweeting.
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